Disabled People of Ireland
Empowerment. Representation. Activism.

Disabled People Of Ireland

Empowerment. Representation. Activism.


Who We Are

Disabled People of Ireland is a group of disabled people who have come together to develop an organisation for disabled people and disabled peoples' organisations (DPOs) in Ireland. We want to involve all disabled people regardless of "type" of disability and we strive to be inclusive and supportive to all.

Why We Exist

Disabled people in this country have been marginalised, exploited and excluded for too long, and it is time for us to speak up and have our own voices heard. The Irish State spends in the region of €7 billion on disability - every year - yet direct services to disabled people and Independent Living is almost non-existent.

What We Want

Disabled People of Ireland aims to:

  • Explore and document the views and priorities of disabled people throughout the country in order to develop policy that reflects our views and needs.

  • Push the Government to enact policies and take actions that significantly improve the lives of disabled people, and end our collective marginalisation, disadvantage and poverty.

Join Us

We invite all disabled peoples' organisations (DPOs) to apply for membership of DPoI on our Registration Page. We also call for individual disabled people to register with us, and join in our effort to reawaken the Irish Disability Rights Movement.